Vuillard, EdouardLa Nourrice (The Wet Nurse)

La Nourrice (The Wet Nurse)
Black chalk by Edouard Vuillard (1868-1940)

This drawing using strong, simple shapes is typical of many works by the French artist Edouard Vuillard. The piece is carefully composed, so the tree trunk divides the picture vertically. The soft lines and delicate shading provide an intimate feeling to the scene, emphasised by the spontaneous composition. Vuillard worked within the artistic movement known as the Nabis, alongside his friend, Bonnard and his brother-in-law, Roussel. The group were primarily influenced by Gauguin and Serusier’s new colour theory concerning the use and juxtaposition of pure, complementary colours. As a movement, the Nabis considered themselves somewhat exclusive, to the extreme of having a special costume, language and secret code for correspondence.