Boudin, EugenePersonnages sur la Plage (Figures on the Beach)

Personnages sur la Plage (Figures on the Beach)
Watercolour by Eugene Boudin (1824-1898)

Boudin spent many summers and longer periods throughout his life painting the coastal scenes of Northern France, particularly the area of Deauville and Trouville, which were fashionable summer resorts for Parisians. His many watercolours are spontaneous sketches which were later re-worked into oil paintings. In this sketch you can see the words ‘violet’ and ‘rouge’. These are notes about the colours which would help with the artist’s oil paintings. Boudin’s watercolours, produced on the spot, capture a moment in time, shown here by the movement of hair and clothing blown by the wind. Whether painting clouds or people it is the ‘obsession of movement’ which occupied the artist’s attention. Boudin worked hard to transfer the spontaneity and expressiveness of his watercolour sketches into his final paintings.