Ryan, SallyThe Cutting Garden, Connecticut

The Cutting Garden, Connecticut
Oil painting by Sally Ryan (1917-1968)

GR.219 – The Cutting Garden, Connecticut, Sally Ryan, (1960), Oil on canvas
Despite being the part benefactor of the Garman Ryan collection with Lady Kathleen Epstein (nee Garman) there is little known about Sally Ryan. She came from a very wealthy family and as well as owning homes in New York and London, she also owned a property in Connecticut. It is quite likely that this painting is of her home in Connecticut or of a familiar place there. Although Sally was widely recognised as a sculptor, she started painting in the 1950s, reflecting her French academic taste of artists such as Manet. Her paintings focused on flowers, portraits and landscapes and have been described as traditional in flavour. This painting is typical of her painting style that incorporates a variety of vibrant colours and is similar to the mark-making used by post-Impressionist painters. It was made six years before her long battle with cancer that caused her early death at the age of 51 in 1968.