Garman, TheodoreThe Thames from Chelsea Embankment

The Thames from Chelsea Embankment
Pastel by Theodore Garman (1924 1954)

GR.110 – The Thames from the Chelsea Embankment, Theo Garman, (1946), Pastel
Theo Garman (1924-1954) was the only son of Jacob Epstein and Kathleen Garman. He lived in Kathleen’s house in the Chelsea district of London until the outbreak of Second World War. After spending the war in Harting at his Grandmother’s house, he returned to Chelsea and continued to live and paint in his mother’s house. After Kathleen moved into Epstein’s house on Hyde Park Gate following his first wife’s Margaret’s death in 1947, Theo remained living there alone until his early death at the age of 29, using a potting-shed in the back garden as a studio. This pastel drawing was created a year after his first picture was accepted at The Leicester Gallery and four years before his first one-man show in London. It was drawn from an apartment in Cheyne Walk belonging to his friends Desmond and Rita O’Conner. The sinuous branches in the foreground of the drawing give the impression of a wintry breeze over the Thames. It is typical of the bright and vivid palette Theo used and the busy composition which tended to encompass the majority of space in his work.