Organising a Visit

Why not let us help you take the stress out of organising a visit to the gallery. We’re happy to offer assistance at any stage of your planning


Contact Catherine James, Education Assistant by telephone 01922 654411 or email to help you plan your visit.



Please think about:
What would you like to gain from a visit to the gallery with your pupils? Do you have a specific topic that you would like to look at or expand on? How many pupils would you like to bring? What age are they? Do you have a preferred date or choice of dates?



Frequently Asked Questions


Where does the coach drop us off?

There is a dedicated drop off point across the road from the gallery and a pedestrian route across the road to the front door. Please use the postcode referenced WS2 8HE.


What happens when we arrive?

The front doors open from 10am on weekdays. There will usually be a member of staff in reception waiting to meet you. There will be a set of crates laid out in the reception area clearly labelled with your school name and date and each crate relates to each group you have brought. Please ask your groups to leave personal items such as coats, bags and packed lunches in these crates. Please do keep anything valuable on your person for safety as the gallery is a public building.


Do we need to sign in?
Please sign in at reception letting us know which school you are, your postcode, how many pupils you have brought and what age they are. This information is very helpful for us in case there is a fire alarm, and we also use it to ensure we have the right information for any invoicing and to give correct data back to our funders.


Is there a space to meet and greet our group at the gallery?
The foyer is a great space to meet and greet your groups and to recap on what pupils expect to see in an art gallery and what behaviour they feel is appropriate to use in the art gallery spaces. Please remember for your own safety and for everyone’s enjoyment that we are a public building and that there may be other people in the building during your visit. We ask all groups to try and remember to walk, to refrain from touching the exhibits and to discuss the artworks at a low noise level so that they can still hear everything their group leader says.


What do we do if we have booked a workshop?
If you have booked any morning workshops the artist educators leading these will meet your group in the foyer and take them directly to the workshop


Where are the toilets?

Toilets are located on the Ground Floor and Floors 1 and 4.


Where can we eat packed lunches?

The gallery has a dedicated School Lunch Room. This space can be booked in 30 minute slots. The lunch room is located on the Ground Floor. You can access the space by going through The Family Gallery, and the door is on the right. There are tables and chairs already set out. There is a sink in the room, however please note that the tap water is not drinking water. Please empty any containers of liquids before throwing them in the bin.


Do you have a risk assessment?

We have produced a generic risk assessment for you to use on request. We advise you writing your own risk assessment to cater for your individual needs and specific groups.


How do I know where to find things in the gallery?

All upcoming exhibitions, events and workshops are advertised in our What’s On brochure. Hard copies of these can be found at the gallery foyer, alternatively please see the What’s On section for an online version.


Can we take photographs?

You may take photographs when you are in The New Art Gallery Walsall. You will be asked to read a series of conditions at the reception desk on the day of your visit and then sign that you agree to these giving your name, address, telephone number and signature. You will then be issued with a photography pass. Please note there may be times when artwork loans on display are not able to be photographed.


The requested conditions to sign against are:
1. Photographs are not to be used for publication or commercial reproduction.
2. Only hand held equipment may be used ( i.e. 35mm or Polaroid). No tripods, separate lighting equipment, screens or fixed camera tables etc.)
3. No flash photography is permitted in the Garman Ryan Galleries.
4. Use of video cameras is not permitted in store.
5. Direct supervision of photography must be maintained at all times by gallery staff.
6. Visitors may not handle objects under any circumstances.
7. Objects cannot be moved or removed from their cases, frames, mounts, or stands solely for the purpose of photography.
8. No feature or shot which might identify the name of location of the collection stores will be permitted under any circumstances.
9. Any interference with the public or their right of way within the gallery is prohibited.