Calling all Midlands Metal fans!

The New Art Gallery Walsall, artist Alan Kane and Home of Metal are looking for Midlands-based metal fans with metal-related collections.  We want to show some fan’s collections as part of the exhibition 4 Bed Detached Home of Metal which will be on display at The New Art Gallery Walsall from 22 June – 1 September 2019.

We will work closely with fans to determine and plan the display of their collections and will handle them with great care, ensuring that all objects are as secure as possible.  We can organise relevant packing, transport and insurance.


For Home of Metal 2019, Kane has playfully conceived of the spacious and elegant galleries as a domestic environment, bringing artists and fans together in an exploration of metal as material and Metal as cultural phenomenon while confounding notions of public and private space and the relationships between the individual and the institution.


If you would be happy to show your collection as part of this project, then please send brief information together with relevant photographs by 12th March, to Andrew Lawson:







by Chris Wilkinson

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