a.a.s. The Cage

During their residency at The New Art Gallery Walsall, a.a.s will be finding and creating portals to The Other Place – a space of dreams and ideas, a space of the future, a space of potential.


They have been exploring this zone in projects such as The Family and Sciencific, where they have created temporary groups with participants, re-interpreting and re-imagining sites and experiencing their environment with ‘new eyes’.


To help them find the specific points of strangeness in this town, a.a.s will be holding free workshops and events, and everyone is invited to participate. A 3m x 3m cage constructed in the Artists’ Studio will form the control centre from which information on The Other Place will be gleened and tested.


a.a.s will be in the artists’ studio each Saturday, performing experiments and you are invited to join them to explore The Other Place.

Other free events include:


Lucid Dream Training
Sunday 5 December 2010, Sunday 12 December 2010, Tuesday 14 December 2010
Teams of sleepers will attempt to meet up in The Other Place.  Experiments will be held from 12pm-1pm and 2pm-3pm.


4th – 16th January 2011
Over the last two weeks of the residency, you will have the chance to take part in an ongoing performance fiction, and play games with the levels of reality developed over the project.




Image courtesy of a.a.s. The Other Place
The New Art Gallery Walsall 2010