Against the wall

Join photographer and journalist, William Parry, talking about his experiences of Palestine, the graffiti and artwork featured in his book Against The Wall, and the wall between Israel and Palestine, which divides the two nations and has been turned by artists into a living canvas of resistance and solidarity.

This stunning book of photos captures the graffiti and art that has transformed Israel’s wall into a living canvas of resistance and solidarity.Featuring the work of artists including Banksy, Ron English, Blu and others, as well as Palestinian artists and activists, these photos express outrage, compassion, and touching humour. They illustrate the wall’s toll on lives and livelihoods, showing the hardship it has brought to tens of thousands of people, preventing their access to work, education and vital medical care.

The wall itself cuts through Palestinian communities in the West Bank with devastating effect. The artwork and graffiti range from vast murals expressing international solidarity to powerful symbolic expressions of the Israeli authorities’ brutality and Palestinian civil society determination to continue resisting Israeli expansionism and expulsion.

The graffiti, written by people from all over the world, expresses anger, outrage, humour, sympathy and solidarity. Between the artwork and graffiti are vignettes of the Palestinian lives and communities
devastated by Israel’s wall, which convey Palestinians’ steadfastness and determination to fight for
justice and dignity. One message appears all along the wall and in the hearts of the communities penned in by it: to exist is to resist.


William Parry is a London-based freelance journalist and photographer. He has lived and worked in the Middle East for many years and has written on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict for the Washington
Review of Middle East Affairs, The Middle East, Times Higher Education Supplement, and several
electronic news organisations (including Electronic Intifada and New Matilda). He has also published in the Guardian and Independent and a number of other magazines and journals. In February 2008, William Parry went to Bethlehem to write an article about the after effects of the stunning, visual
political assault that Pictures on Walls had achieved there through the spectacular artwork by Banksy and 20 other street artists. He interviewed several of the artists and organisers of this project. As he toured Bethlehem for this article, just six months after his previous visit, he was stunned by how quickly it was evolving as a unique, ephemeral canvas of local resistance and international solidarity that ought to be documented – given that all walls eventually fall.


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Photo courtesy of William Parry.