Artists Studio
Sima Gonsai

During her residency, Birmingham-based film maker and ‘cyclist explorer’ Sima Gonsai will be exploring all corners of the Walsall borough on her bike.  By following the routes and directions suggested by the local residents she’ll meet along the way, Sima will create an alternative map of the town based on personal stories, collective memories and local folklore. 

Using the gallery as a starting point, where would you suggest Sima cycles to next – where should she go, what should she see?  What’s the story to your route? 

Sima has previously cycled a coastal route of Ireland, from Dublin to Belfast, navigated by the stories and conversations exchanged with those she met on route. She has also cycled across Vietnam, France and Hungary. By collecting and connecting local histories, Sima creates an alternative portrait for the towns, cities or countries she’s cycles through – all of which are documented on film, in writing and online.


Sima Gonsai
Cycle Dialogues, 2007
Courtesy of the artist