Artists books’ by students at Walsall College

Artists' books by students on the BTEC Foundation in Art & Design course at Walsall College, 2009

The works on display have been selected from a larger exhibition that was organised by the School of Creative Arts Foundation students in May this year. Programme tutors Andrew Holmes and Sue Krejzl have chosen a range of ‘book’ works including photographs, objects, and things drawn, collaged and altered.

Some of the works are whimsical, whilst some deal with serious and thought provoking issues. The Foundation students come from a range of different backgrounds and experiences. As a group they come together for a brief, but intensley creative year, creating works full of imagination and potential.


Students who took part on the programme:
Maryam Agarafie, Katherine Burdon, Alex Dass, Sumiko Eadon, Faye Etheridge, Kelly Fellows, Rebecca Fisher, Hayley Forrester, Gillian Goodwin, Kayleigh Lucia Hall, Lee Hardwick, Lucy Harrington, Amy Hulse, Luke Humphries, Sangita Kumari, Gavin Lawley, Liam Manuell, Micheal McWatt, Amanda Miller, Michelle Morgan, Ben Protheroe, Jenny Plant, Laura Roberts, Harpreet Sohal, Rebecca Townrow, Evanthea Tsolakides, Kieran Walter, David Warner.