Book Sniffing Night with Book Sniffer Mark Ferelli

Serena and O’Brien will discuss the art of book sniffing, and invite visitors to smell a selection of books from the Jacob Epstein archive.

Serena Korda, artist and head librarian, invites visitors to leave their thoughts and secrets amongst the pages of one or more of the 400 books in The Library of Secrets, a beautifully hand-made, mobile library.


Any self confessed bibliophile will admit to book sniffing, enjoying the musty overtones of 19th century hardbacks and the sweet crescendo of 70’s paperbacks.   This often over looked phenomenon can be best described as a nostalgic happening, requiring well-honed olfactory skills.


Korda and O’Brien will smell their way through a selection of books gleaned from The Jacob Epstein Archive at The New Art Gallery Walsall examining the 5 basic notes of smell that can be found in an average book collection.  This event celebrates the tangibility of the printed volume through smell, another realm of the senses that the ebook will find hard to compete with.