Cameroonian Cardboard Creation, children’s online workshop

This fantastic, royal, wooden stool, from the Garman Ryan Collection, was made in Cameroon, which is known as ‘Africa in miniature’ for its amazing variety of landscapes and cultural diversity.

Join in online from home with our children’s workshops, devised by our talented artist educators. Suitable for all ages, though preschool children will require assistance from an older child or adult.


Cameroonian Cardboard Creation

The Bamileke people who made this are from the grass fields of Cameroon. And this stool would have been used by the nobility. A king or ‘Fon’ will often be represented by animals such as the leopard you can see on it.

The workshop will also show you a great way of turning your 2-D drawings into 3-D sculptures, so come on, what are we waiting for?

Film duration 4 minutes 30 seconds




Arty Alien

Badge of Honour

Cloud 9


Outside Inside