Diwali 2009

Join us for another celebration of the festival of light, where the lights or lamps signify victory of good over the evil within every human being.


Diwali is on us again and the lights are glistening around Walsall and The New Art Gallery Walsall are inviting all to the most exciting festival of light. This free event on Saturday 24 October 2009 and this year’s acts are bringing something new and innovative to make it even bigger and brighter than ever before.


Bollywood Beats, a Hindi band, will be playing your favourite songs, RAIR will be entertaining you with contemporary Bhangra, Gidha and Bollywood dance extravaganza, Diverse will be showering you with performances that are only seen in the heart of India, which include Khathak and bollywood dance routines. Keralite performers from the deep south of India will be performing acts never seen on a mainstream stage.


S & J Stars will be fusing Ballet with traditional Indian dance performances and there will also have the opportunity to observe and try out South Asian percussions, Gharba and Dandia.

Local community dance groups, such as Mini Arts, will also perform for our visitors that day.

A beautiful rangoli pattern, will be created by Mr Patel, a local artist.


For our young friends and their families, we have organised laminated candles workshops and table workshops, where you will have the opportunity to ‘drum’ some noise for yourself.


Rehana and her friends will once again be doing their mendhi hand patterns and we are convinced that similarly to last year’s event, it will be a popular activity.


And talking about food, local organisation Fit Food Fit Life will be offering healthy alternatives of classic Indian dishes and talk to you about the benefits of healthy eating.


It will also be the last opportunity for our friends to have a look at our Gordon Cheung, Neal Rock and Steffi Klenz exhibitions on the third and fourth floors of the gallery.


The event is organised by the New Art Gallery Walsall, Walsall Creative Development Team and The Contemporary Asian Arts Group.