Erosion and Illegibility of Images – One-day Symposium

Erosion and Illegibility of Images

31 October 2014, 12 – 4 PM, The New Art Gallery Walsall.

One-day Symposium


Maria Chevska

Idris Khan

Jane and Louise Wilson


The symposium sets out to interrogate the trope of illegibility and erosion in contemporary artistic practice. By looking at painting, photography and sculpture/ architecture the symposium explores the extent to which contemporary art denies ‘a palpable legibility’. Artists including Jane and Louise Wilson, Idris Khan and Maria Chevska will offer an original insight into the restriction of vision and legibility.


Contact and Registration:

Dr Christian Mieves, University of Wolverhampton

E-mail: Christian.Mieves@wlv.ac.uk




Image credit: Maria Chevska, See, 2010, kaolin, oil paint on linen. 31cm x 25cm.