Final Feelgood Friday – Sculpture in Focus

Friday 8 November 11am-4pm

#Feelgood Friday 

Join us for the final Feelgood Friday of this year’s Sculpture season, come on a tour and try your hand at making a clay head – while blindfolded!   Free, all welcome, drop-in.


11am         Children’s Tour – Sculpture in Focus 

12pm        Touch Tour – experiencing Epstein bronzes

12.30pm   Sculpture – clay modelling blindfolded 

1pm          Touch Tour – experiencing Epstein bronzes

1.30pm     Sculpture – clay modelling blindfolded 

2pm         Touch Tour – experiencing Epstein bronzes 

2.30pm    Sculpture – clay modelling blindfolded 

2.30pm    Behind the Scenes tour – Epstein plasters 

3pm         Sculpture – clay modelling blindfolded