Private View
Graham Benton, St Ives to Walsall


Thursday 6 October, 6pm – 8pm

Free. Friends, family & colleagues welcome.


As a student at Walsall Art School Graham Benton first travelled to St Ives in 1956. This was the start of a life long love of the landscapes, the sea and the artistic communities which have gathered in Cornwall for nearly two centuries. Travelling from Walsall to St Ives for inspiration at least twice a year throughout his life, most of his work takes as a starting point these vibrant and dynamic landscapes. Many relatively small sketches, paintings and drawings are made by him in St Ives and then, on returning to Walsall, his work becomes more abstract; a celebration of texture, colour and rhythm, distilling the experience into a highly personal essence of St Ives.








Image credit:  Graham Benton, Wheal Dream 2009, oil on canvas. Photograph by Malcolm Brice.