Group Occupation

Extra Special People, Crit Club, 2010, Courtesy Eastside Projects/Extra Special People

The New Art Gallery Walsall has teamed up with Birmingham-based Extra Special People/Eastside Projects to host Group Occupation, a series of three, short, interconnecting residencies.


Helen Brown, Jo Masding and Samuel Rodgers will share the Artists’ Studio space for a month and develop new work independently and/or collectively.  Nine artists will participate in the project altogether and at the end of each residency period the artists will be opening the door to the studio to share their new ideas.


Open studio event and artists’ talks

Saturday 2 June


Free – all welcome.


Helen Brown‘s work explores methods of presentation, reception and interpretation of artworks. Looking at aspects of communication, perception and audience engagement, recent work has explored the limitations of mass communication systems when used as platforms for communication and interpretation by galleries and as tools of critique by art critics and journalists.


During the residency Jo Masding will use the The New Art Gallery Walsall’s collection as a starting point for developing new work through spending time with, taking photographs and making video of the works within it. The collecting policy includes an element of collecting work that challenges the idea of ‘sculpture’, and she is interested in how these objects result in challenging the way we view and perceive objects more widely.

Samuel Rodgers‘ project will comprise an investigation into his online collaborative practice, specifically exploring performance via Skype, exhibition of works online, and spaces between web-based and ‘real world’ creation and presentation of work.