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Mahtab Hussain

Mahtab Hussain will talk about his work with Tim Clark, Editor-in-Chief and Director of online contemporary photography magazine 1000 Words. £3Please book your place by calling the Gallery on 01922 654400.


A collaboration with Grain and Redeye.


Mahtab Hussain Going back home to where I came from

25 May 2018 – 2 September 2018


In September 2016, Mahtab Hussain travelled to Kashmir; to the place where his parents had once called home. He was able to meet members of his family for the first time, including his great grandmother, and to witness the kind of life he may have lived, had history taken a different turn.


Mitti Ka Ghar

25 May 2018 – 24 February 2019

The Family Gallery, Ground Floor


This exhibition will extend from Mahtab Hussain’s Floor 3 exhibition Going back home to where I came from and will include a wealth of opportunities to engage with over the summer