Lucienne Cole

Polish your dancing shoes and reach for the baking tin as artist Lucienne Cole bets you ‘cook good on the dance floor’!


Music, Singing and dancing are at the heart of Lucienne Cole’s work – especially when they can be enjoyed and shared with others. As part of the gallery’s 10th birthday celebrations, Lucienne is inviting the public to be part of a celebratory display that’s all singing, all dancing and spilling over in crepe paper and confectionary!


Over the next few months she will be participating in numerous dance classes across the Borough and meeting amateur dancers of all ages. Together, with local residents, she plans to choreograph a lo-fi theatrical extravaganza inspired by the musical films of Busby Berkeley and Bauhaus Theatre. A grand finale will take place at The New Art Gallery Walsall on Saturday 10 April 2010.


Lucienne explores the way in which popular culture forms and informs the slippages between fantasy and reality in everyday life. Recent projects include “The Whitworth Social” (Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, 2008), which culminated in an event akin to a 21st century Tea-Dance, crossing generations and bringing people together through various styles of social dance. In 2006 Lucienne took to the streets of Tokyo engaging with different groups of people via an instructional video to perform 60s dance moves with Japanese Beatle’s tribute band The Silver Beats.

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