Mitra Memarzia Unwanted Gifts exhibition

Do you have any unwanted gifts tucked away at the back of your wardrobe? Do not fear as you can now display, exchange and have your unwanted gifts turned into authentic pieces of art!


Over the past two months Mitra Memarzia has transformed the Artists’ Studio at the gallery into a gift shop where unwanted items have been donated and given a new lease of life.


“The Unwanted Gift shop playfully explores the values we place upon objects which we deem as unwanted and the transformative nature of art. An an old jumper may be transformed into something beautiful and valuable, blurring the boundaries between the exchange of gifts as ideas and using imagination and conversation as currency” (Mitra Memarzia, 2009).


As a finale to Mitra’s residency an exhibition of the transformed items and a Swap Party! will take place in April.


Special Offer exhibition

Artists’ Studio

10 – 17 April, 2010

11am – 4pm daily


The unwanted gifts, transformed by Mitra into ‘authentic’ art works, will be displayed in the studio, in the Special Offer exhibition curated by Head of Exhibitions, Deborah Robinson.


Swap Party!

Artists’ Studio

17 April 2010

2 – 4pm


Contributors of the unwanted gifts have been invited back to the studio to reclaim or swap their transformed item, amongst the merriment of party games.


Limited Edition

A limited edition of Unwanted Gift Shop  t-shirts and mugs created by Mitra will be on sale from the 10 April, providing visitors a final opportunity to bag a bona fide art work?