Mitra Memarzia
Gift Swapping Party

The Unwanted Gifts Swap Special Offer: Exhibition Open Week!

Come and marvel at the artworks and bag yourself an “authentic” art merchandise!
Hosted by artist Mitra Memarzia

Saturday 10 – Saturday 17 April 2010

11am – 4pm

During her three-month residency at The New Art Gallery Walsall, artist Mitra Memarzia set up The Unwanted Gift Shop and invited people to donate their discarded, unused and unwanted gifts. Mitra was willing to accept anything, from out-grown toys and embarrassing clothes, to tacky ornaments, useless gadgets, naff books and cheap perfumes.

Each item taken to Mitra’s Unwanted Gift Shop has been catalogued, displayed and transformed into an ‘authentic’ art work. A set of bath bombs given to someone who hates baths has inspired a sculpture with a shower head and masses of black and white wool. A timer has been dismantled and made into a mobile. A chinty flowery tea set has been used by a punk rocker and photographed. Jewellery has been made into sewage spilling out of a tube coming out of the wall. A scarf now has the words “sentimental” stitched onto it. A teddy bear has been burnt and more!

The Swap Party, on Saturday 17 April, 2pm – 4pm, is a culmination of Mitra’s residency where contributors of unwanted gifts will be invited to return and collect or swap items, during the merriment of party games!

The Unwanted Gift Shop residency has been a great success, with lots of interesting unwanted gifts being donated, by a variety of gallery visitors. Whilst collecting the objects Mitra has displayed the items and had opportunity to contemplate and reflect upon the transformative process of making art from unwanted items.

The final artworks will be curated by Deborah Robinson, Head of Exhibitions.

Limited edition merchandise has been created by Mitra as part of her residency. This is available to purchase from the 10 April allowing everyone the opportunity to bag themselves a bona fide art work.