Open Studio
Leah Carless

Leah Carless, Second Skins, (detail), 2017 studio work,
pigmented silicone, polythene micro beads, cosmetic lids and caps, Rennies tablets. Courtesy the artist.

Join Leah in the Artists’ Studio and see work made during her residency.  Free, drop-in.


Leah Carless  Hidden Processes

Until 13 May 2018


Leah Carless works with sculpture to explore ideas around making and materiality and the emotional qualities we attach to physical objects and processes. Her practice involves the investigation of notions of physicality in contemporary society; in particular, what it might mean to have a fleshy body in a consumer culture saturated with visual imagery.


Leah will use her residency to develop a number of silicone membranes, employing traditional sculptural materials as well as materials relating to everyday health and beauty products found in supermarkets. Through these works, she will explore and reveal the hidden processes involved by using materials in both solid and fluid states. She will also develop the spatial dynamics involved with their presentation.