Pavel Büchler

Pavel Büchler

Dialogo sopra i due massimi sistemi del mondo, 2013

PA loudspeakers, two channel audio


A fragment from Galileo Galilei, Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems 1632. Transcribed into Morse code using the sounds of fog horns from Cape Arago and Vancouver.


“Wait a while, Salviati, for in this argument I find so many doubts assailing me on all sides that I shall either have to tell them to you if I want to pay attention to what you are going to say, or withhold my attention in order to remember my doubts. I shall willingly pause, for I run the same risk too, and am on the verge of getting shipwrecked. At present I sail between rocks and boisterous waves that are making me lose my bearings, as they say. Therefore, before I multiply your difficulties, propound them.”


Born in Prague, 1952 and based in this country since the 1980’s,  Büchler is renowned as an influential teacher and figure in the international art scene.


Currently he has an exhibition at the Ikon, Birmingham which includes a wide range of media, including text, found objects, obsolete technologies and appropriated digital material, characteristically combining philosophical scepticism with a smart sense of humour that draws attention to the fundamentally strange nature of everyday life.