Chiharu Shiota and Chris Clinton Exhibiitions


Thursday 16 January 2014

6pm – 8pm


Free. Friends, family & colleagues welcome.



Chiharu Shiota: Dialogues

Chiharu Shiota is renowned for her dramatic, immersive installations which frequently utilise found objects such as clothing, shoes, old furniture, vintage suitcases and doors and windows from demolished and derelict buildings. Such items resonate with personal and emotional if elusive histories. Chiharu’s installations alter and energise the physical and architectural space, challenging our perceptions of the immediate environment and embracing the viewer as an integral part of the experience.

Chris Clinton:  Dead Media

Chris Clinton uses familiar objects and reclaimed materials to create artworks that refer obliquely to contemporary popular culture and our disregard for out-dated media. This exhibition will bring together the artist’s full series of paper-coil dartboards for the first time, alongside a new sculpture spectacularly realised using multiple reels of VHS magnetic tape.