Project Pigeon

Project Pigeon

comes to Walsall and the Black Country


Throughout September we will be celebrating the Black Country’s pigeon fancying culture with a series of free events: 



Saturday 24 September, 11.30pm – 4pm

Auction day of racing pigeons by Heart of England Auctions/ Mark Evans at 1pm and of rollers by Wolverhampton Tumbler Club at 2pm followed by a pigeon release from the gallery’s terrace at 3.30pm.


A perfect opportunity to let the general public see what pigeon racing is all about, with a selection of Project Pigeon breeders and younger breeding stock for auction. They will be direct Vandebrandes, Wim Moens, Gert Helens , De Meyers, Lambrechts and limbourgs all top class breeding stock.


Project Pigeon is an art and education project that works with pigeons as a vehicle to bring people together and explore the world.  Project Pigeon has a loft in Birmingham where they keep Birmingham rollers, racing pigeons and parlour rollers.  The organisation runs workshops, events and exhibitions based around pigeons for a wide range of people and groups.


Pigeons saved thousands of people’s lives during the Second World War through carrying important messages. Soldiers would take pigeons in special carrying boxes on their missions and if they got into trouble they would release a pigeon which would carry a message requesting help. 32 medals (The Dickin Medal) were awarded to pigeons for their bravery, more than any other animal. 


No need to book, just drop in!