Project Pigeon

Project Pigeon

comes to Walsall and the Black Country


Throughout September we will be celebrating the Black Country’s pigeon fancying culture with a series of free events: 


Saturday 3 September, 2pm – 4pm

Join our expert panel of speakers and find out about the historic and contemporary relationship between man and pigeon, how pigeons have been messengers, a source of food, aided scientific research, been athletes and have featured in many great works of art and literature.


Saturday 10 September, 11am – 5pm

Pigeon Show:  An exhibition of over 50 breeds of pigeons including high flyers, Birmingham rollers and fantails.  Find out which was Queen Victoria’s favourite breed, which pigeons Charles Darwin used to keep, which fly for 24 hours and vote for your favourite one!


Saturday 17 September, 11am – 5pm

Free film screenings of:

11am – Selected chapters from Jim Jenner’s Share the Blue Sky

12pm – Birdy, the story of a Vietnam veteran who, in his disturbed state, believes he is a pigeon (Cert. 15)

2pm – Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai, is the story of an assassin that communicates via pigeons (Cert. 15)

4pm – A series of short film screenings: Pigeon Impossible by Lucas Martel; Pigeons in War, a training video for soldiers; a clip from House of Friends, featuring a pigeon club in Brierley Hill; and Pigeon Archive by Lyndall Phelps, footage from a camera attached to a pigeon.


Saturday 24 September, 11.30pm – 4pm

Auction day of racing pigeons by Heart of England Auctions/ Mark Evans at 1pm and of rollers by Wolverhampton Tumbler Club at 2pm followed by a pigeon release from the gallery’s terrace at 3.30pm.


No need to book, just drop in!