Red Tape

Private view on Tuesday 28 June, 6pm-8pm.

Everyone welcome!

Jessica Williams, Vicky Roden, Lucy Harrington, Emma Cockayne, Maryam Agharafie, Isobel Gall, Charlotte Proffitt, Aydn Loffman, Gillian Goodwin, Tom Smith, Lance Warwood and Jenny Plant.



Final major exhibition by HNC/HND Walsall College students about unfolding angst, hidden layers of excessive regulation, rigid conformity and mass persuasion.


Lance Warwood

page 134, paragraph 2


Lance will present a piece of work made of burned art books. The burnt books reflect the act of destroying knowledge not fitting in with regimes. The work questions the execution of art education by capitalistic manipulation within the Borough.


Emma Cockayne



Best before….

The two little words above at what cost?

We are all guilty of food waste, the biggest culprit of the supermarket.

Did you know that one third of all food we buy from the supermarket we throw away? Take a look in your trolley! Buy less, save money and the planet. 


Vicky Roden and Tom Smith

“All my dreams came true! (but now I have a bunch of other dreams)”


The first collaboration between Vicky Roden and Tom Smith, “All my dreams came true! (but now i have a bunch of other dreams)” is an investigation of man’s eternal rush towards an untouchable horizon.


This installation combines disparate and obsolete technologies with childhood nostalgias, mythologies and desires. As the future predicted in our childhood rolls near, we neglect that which we already possess in favour of a mournful nostalgia of an unrealised promised land. This installation counters this in a temporal celebration of that which has been before, through exploration of the mechanical and the digital, the real and the illusory. In keeping with the disparate nature of the subject, this work combines both physical interaction and virtual space.



Lucy Harrington


Collecting and ordering is something I have done since I was a child. My collection in my room is a sanctum of order that I can retreat to when I feel the rest of my life is out of control. Each silhouette symbolises a little ghost of my emotional investment.



Gillian Goodwin

“Hiding in public”

The cocoon is a temporary shelter created to protect people from the chaos that surrounds us all. Inspired by nature, reflected in the textures of fabric, the possibilities of a nomadic hermitage in a modern world are brought to life in this work.


In wintertime I do get the urge to hibernate and I love hiding away from the cold and the darkness that those months bring, sitting in the nest over this time would make my life so much happier, and then to spring when the days start to get longer I could take the nest in to the countryside and watch the world come back to life, peeping out and looking at the snowdrops and bluebells.  Other ideas for the nest are for when being in places that you don’t feel comfortable, I don’t like being in Birmingham on a Saturday afternoon when it’s really busy or train stations when the trains speed through. The nest could be used as protection in these situations.


Charlotte Proffitt

Breaking Point


The bands are limited as to how far they can stretch without snapping. Emotionally and psychologically this is the same for a human being. How far can a person be pushed or pulled before they reach breaking point or snap like an elastic band? I decided to use elastic bands because of their flexibility to work with and ability to adapt to different shapes and sizes. I am relating this to control and restriction because each band that is attached to each other represents being controlled or manipulated by each one that has a hold to it. If one band were to snap then the continuation of the piece would be broken. The elastic band in the middle could be seen as the one that holds the others together, controlling or dictating to them, but on the other hand it could be seen as the vulnerable one that is trapped in the middle.


Maryam Agharafie 

“Stop Medicine”


Medicine is dangerous for the body, over the years it will damage the body. “Stop Medicine” explores that through a combination of performance art and reflexology. By combining these two techniques, I wish to create a new movement that synergies the energies of both mediums into a beneficial force for the body.


Aydn Loffman

“Our guardian, our frame”


My work portrays new direction and hope; often it’s hard to find an escape or somewhere to hide. I aim to point out the fine line between opportunities staring us in the face yet commonly appearing transparent. 



Jenny Plant


We are living in Dire Straits, currently as a nation we are dealing with job cuts, benefit cuts, pension cuts, student funding cuts, National Health cuts, the money gets tighter and the cost of living continues to rise. It leaves me to question the effect that these endless streams of cuts are going to achieve amongst the poorer people in society today as to most, the future appears bleak.


Jess William

Untitled, (installation and Mixed Media, 2011)


I cannot succour myself, nor can I succour anybody else.

In my work I use my own body to challenge the notion of beauty that has been created by societies male dominated discourse. We are not accustomed to viewing the female body as a home more an image to be measured, desired and discarded. In my work I am using rituals associated with the cosmetic industry to explore how we ritualise and perform a daily routine of self-improvement for the outside world.   The prospect of stripping my physical ‘media suited’ persona to my natural delusional state provokes neurosis. I am the model despite the fear.


Isobel Gall

The other side of me, Roma Gypsy


They are mysterious, secretive and extrovert, but many people don’t understand them. I want to show the beautiful side of Roma Gypsies. Crochet flowers and improvised violin music, luxurious fabric, and excessively used gold.