Image courtesy of Euripides Altintzoglou

See Through Me

Ever wondered why we tend to think of a face when we think of a portrait? Come along, have your photograph taken, be part of Walsall’s largest collective self-portrait and have a chance to explore aspects of portraiture in a discussion with the artist, Euripides Altintzoglou.


For your contribution towards the creation of this group portrait you will receive a certificate and a copy of your photo! Free, everyone welcome, no need to book, just drop in!


The main aim of the project is to renegotiate the role of the face in contemporary portraiture as a means for representing a person’s identity. In doing so, the artist will look at I-D formats (passport-sized photos) and examine the extent to which such a format is able to communicate aspects of human subjectivity.


The New Art Gallery Walsall visitors will be encouraged to have their passport-sized portraits taken by the artist, which will then be appropriated by cropping the faces with a pair of scissors. Both the cut off ‘faces’ and the remaining frames will be returned to the visitors. Each participant will be free to keep the cut off facial sections, which will be attached on a certificate of participation, while they will be encouraged to place the remaining faceless frames on a glass screen in their own preferred manner.


Eventually, the installation will present a mosaic of people – or rather a collective self-portrait of the gallery’s visitors – as they are represented by their clothing, haircut, race, gender, etc., signs of which will remain evident after the initial removal of the facial area.