Silver Thread Tapestries

The Silver Thread Tapestries are returning to The New Art Gallery Walsall this Summer as they continue their tour of the region.


The Tapestires will be displayed on:

Floor 1 from July 11 – 23

Floor 4 from July 24 – 30


Each one of these Silver Thread tapestries represents at least 5000 sewing hours clocked up by an army of volunteers.


The final inspiration of Walsall Council’s Creative Development Team, the project ran for nearly a year and involved hundreds of local people, both as storytellers and sewers.People came from far and wide during the first three months of the project, to have their say on what should feature in each tapestry. Artist Hunt Emerson turned their stories into illustrations which were then loving stitched into more than 12 square metres of fabric. Each tapestry features a different area of the borough, capturing Walsall’s living history and diverse geographical communities.


Find out more about the projects and where to find the works on tour by visiting: