Vaisakhi 15
The Turban

Vaisakhi 15

Saturday 25 April, 10am – 5pm

Join us for our annual celebration to mark the birth of the Sikh religion and harvest time. Our theme is the turban. We will explore its history and how it has become the crown of Sikhism, through recognition, equality and a sign of bravery.

So come and celebrate with live music, dance, Mehndi, family workshops and experience having a turban tied on you.




Lions of Punjab
   Hear the roar of this pioneering international Bhangra artist
Baba Deep Singh Group
   Spiritual Sikh Martial Arts by Baba Deep Singh Gatka group
Desi Bhangra Crew
   Electrifying up and coming Bhangra artist.
Chardikala Turban Academy
   Have you turban tied from a group of Sikhs, who exhibit, teach
   and promote about the Turban around the country.
Desi Divas
   Female Gidha team, singing, dramatising and dancing
   about their oppressive family
Live music
   Live performances on instruments from India
   Be prepared to be blown away by this classical vocalist.
Dharam Seva Records
   Meet the team behind the super hit film ‘Chaar Shaibzade’
Family workshops
   Make your own squirrel on a stick for Bhangra dancing
   Have a henna design on your hand

Everyone is welcome!