Karen McLean

Karen McLean
Karen McLean, Blue Powder, 2018, mixed media, installation at Ort Gallery, Birmingham. Courtesy of the artist.

Birmingham-based artist Karen McLean grew up in Trinidad. Her artistic practice continues to be informed by the history, culture and folklore of the Caribbean and its inter-connection with the UK.


Karen is creating a brand new installation which will examine the politics of the body through the experience of female slavery. Her work is informed by rigorous research and for this project, she has been working with the Black Cultural Archives in Brixton.


Karen is working with hessian sacks which allude both to the human body and to shipping and commercial exchange. She is experimenting with a range of processes including screen printing, branding and dyeing them with tea and coffee. She is also stitching them with animal suture thread and enhancing them with cowrie shells to create a large wall hanging.


Drawing parallels with issues facing women today, Karen celebrates the ingenuity and vitality of the human spirit in the face of adversity and acknowledges the continued resistance of women for control of their bodies.



Thursday 30 April, 6-8pm

All welcome