Online workshops – FREE

Suitable for all ages from pre-school upwards. (Pre-school age may require some assistance).


Try one of our child friendly workshops that are inspired by artworks from our fabulous collection. Each one has an easy step by step guide for children and parents to follow.


These workshops are also being used as part of the Discover at Home Arts Award. For further information on FREE places contact  


Fruit Bowl

Create your own 3D Fruit Bowl still life picture.
Inspired by artist Charles Stuart’s still life work of ‘Study of Fruit’. Part of the Garman Ryan Collection.
Film duration:  3 minutes 45 seconds









Print a Portrait

Learn a simple monoprint technique to make a pleasing portrait.
Inspired by artist Pablo Picasso’s ‘Head of a Woman in Profile ‘(Tete de Femme Profile), from the Saltimbanques suite (1905)’.   Part of the Garman Ryan Collection.
Film duration:  6 minutes 20 seconds










Springy Spring Flowers

Spring is just around the corner. It’s the perfect time to get outside and spot the snowdrops and crocuses which are popping up everywhere.
Why not brighten things up with these gorgeous felt and card flower creations.
Inspired by artist Dod Proctor’s beautiful ‘Spring Flower’ painting. Part of the Gallery’s Permanent Collection and displayed in the ‘Flowers and Still Life’ themed room.
Film duration:  6 minutes 20 seconds




Speckled Paint Pots

Make a Papier-mâché container to decorate with fun speckles and
splashes of colourful paint. You can use the pot to keep or display your own objects.
This Egyptian Pre Dynastic diorite bowl is part of The Garman Ryan Collection and can be found in the ‘Flowers and Still Life’ room.
Film duration: 4 minutes 20 seconds