School Holiday workshops

 ‘A great opportunity to develop imagination, art and creativity. And also a special moment to share with our children’

Parent/ carer of participant at Thursday Skills workshop Summer 2017, Spell Carving.

Tuesday Tots workshop Summer 2017, Wonderful Wearable Wings

Tuesday Tots:

Come along all you 2-4 year olds for some looking, cutting, sticking, folding, glue-ing, finding out, helping each other, shiny things, constructing, experimenting and triumph. Don’t forget to bring an adult with you too, they have to join in.


Wednesday for All:

Would you like to try some experimenting with your artwork? Are you ready to try out something different for fun? What will you make? These FREE sessions are for everyone to join in together, all ages.


Thursday Skills:

Are you serious about your art? Is it important to you to feel you understand and learn more about art skills? Then these sessions are for you. You’ll need to be at least 4 years old to take part and bring a grown up with you so they can try it out too.


Saturday Playdates:

Each Saturday in the school holidays  you can join us in the Gallery and get creative! Come along and join in! Taking inspiration from the current exhibitions these sessions are great for creativity and also support team work.