(Image credit: New Zealand (Maori) Greenstone Hei Tiki with mother of pearl inlaid eyes, Garman Ryan Collection, The New Art Gallery Walsall).

Collections Tour

Join gallery assistant Julie Jones in a tour exploring artefacts in the Garman Ryan Collection from all over the world, including Commonwealth countries.

Hear the story behind the carved wooden cameroon Stool; how it was originally made for a King and was later gifted to Kathleen Garman by her then lover Jacob Epstein, and displayed in her home.

Learn about the New Zealand ‘Hei Tiki’ (Greenstone and Mother of Pearl) made by the Maori People, usually worn around the neck to ward off evil spirits and to remember departed family. This Tiki was from Jacob Epstein’s own collection and would later inspire his sculpture.

Also discover the background to the carved ‘Stone Head’ from Sierra Leone, made by the Mendy people who saw these as their Rice Gods, praying to them for a good harvest. They were characterised by their flared nostrils and bulging eyes.

We will discuss how these artefacts were made and the materials and tools used.

FREE introductory tours on the first Saturday of every month at 2pm.

-Talks last approximately 60 minutes.

-FREE, Drop in, no booking required