John Hayter (1800-1891), Harriet's First Gallop on Plumstead Heath (1853); Pen and ink

Collections Tour
Horses in the Collections

Meet in the main hall of the Garman Ryan Collection Galleries on Floor 1.

Join Natalie Harris to explore the many fascinating depictions of horses in the Collections in drawings, prints, paintings and sculptures, including ‘Harriet’s First Gallop on Plumstead Heath’ by John Hayter and ‘Margarita of Austria, Queen of Spain (after Velazquez)’ by Goya.

Learn about how the type of a horse depicted in an artwork along with the dress of the rider and their sitting position can help us to date and place a picture, and learn about how the horse’s stance can tell us a lot about the rider as we compare and contrast male and female riders.

FREE introductory tours on the first Saturday of every month at 2pm.

-Talks last approximately 60 minutes.

-FREE, Drop in, no booking required