Pride&Privilege, 2023, installation view. Photo: Jack Spicer Adams.

Make do and Mend for World Recycling Day

Saturday 16 March, 12-4pm. Free.

Join Collection’s Community Panel member and Walsall Artist Vicky Roden for a Make do and Mend workshop

Inspired by Sharmila Samant’s work Hand Picked Rejects artist Vicky Roden will be leading a workshop focussed on decorative mending.

Often favourite pieces of clothing are thrown out due to tears, holes and general wear. This workshop aims to give these items new life and save them from landfill by repairing them. In a similar manner to the Japanese philosophy of kintsugi the repairs are made with brightly coloured thread, striking fabrics and sometimes elaborate embroidery, celebrating the item’s history and continuing journey.

So bring along your beloved but broken clothes and fabric items and learn the basics of visible mending!

Please be advised that this workshop will involve the use of sharp and pointed tools, therefore is not suitable for children.

No prior experience of hand sewing is required, all mending materials will be provided.