Corinne – Outside In artist residency

Corinne, Dear Voices, video still (2020)

Outside In supports artists who face significant barriers to the art world due to heath, disability, isolation or social circumstances. The New Art Gallery has partnered with them to offer two online residency opportunities.

Following open submission, the two artists selected for remote residences are Tess Radcliffe (15 February – 28 March) and Corinne (29 March – 9 May).


Both will be supported to create new work from home, sharing their practices with online audiences. Each artist will receive a fee, ongoing support from both organisations and a virtual studio visit from an external artist or curator.


We will be sharing each artist’s progress through the website and social media.


Corinne’s distinctly dark and evocative self-portraits reflect her ongoing struggles with mental health. As she rarely leaves home, her work is created from the safety of her bedroom.


Her life and art have become inextricably entwined. Through her use of art as therapy, she is able to find a cathartic release.


Corinne proposes to use the residency to share her art and her experiences of mental illness with an online audience. She plans to engage with audiences in a dialogue around mental health in the context of Covid-19 and draw on contributions to create an installation in her bedroom, using her bedsheets, pillow and nightdress.


Instagram:  @corinnesdiary