Image Credit: Big Wheel Barrow (photography) by Gary Kirkham

Darran Lago & Co

Walsall born artist Darren Lago showed his first major solo show in a public gallery. Darren draws his inspiration from familiar objects, such as trainers, egg whisks, watering cans and garden spades. Using a lively imagination, tremendous techical skill and a sense of humour, he transforms these objects into engaging and challenging sculptures.

New works for this exhibition had been produced in collaboration with local manufacturers. The inspiration for these works were drawn from a range of skills, processes and objects that were found in local factories and workshops. Sculputures included the Big Wheel Barrow, made of 40 wheelbarrows, Bucket Ball, made of 150 galvanised buckets and Tree Sized Tree, a saddle maker’s tree made the size of a tree.

A coloured illustrated publication accompanied this exhibition with essays by Sarah Kent and Deborah Robinson with Andrew Davies.



The Henry Moore Foundation.