Image credit: Estelle Thompson

Being Here – paintings by Estelle Thompson

An exhibiton of new and exciting work by Estelle Thompson. Estelle’s captivating abstract paintings are informed by a tradition of art of optical illusion exemplifted by the art of Bridget Riley. She is also inspired by the music that she listens to in her studio. Estelle skilfully fuses bands of colour which appear to exist physically as well as optically, hovering above the picture plane and challenging our sense of visual perception. The paintings were created with the New Art Gallery Walsall in mind.

The exhibiton coincided with the launch of a major publication on Estelle Thompson’s paintings. The book is lavishly illustrated and includes essays by Tony Godfrey and Deborah Robinson, and is published by Merrell Publishers in association with The New Art Gallery Walsall and Purdy Hicks Gallery.