Garman Ryan Collection Tours

A new series of tours exploring the themes and artists within The Garman Ryan Collection.

The Garman Ryan Collection was gifted to the Borough of Walsall in 1973 by Lady Kathleen Epstein (née Garman), widow of the great 20th century sculptor Jacob Epstein. Find out more about the Gallery’s Collections here.

Garman Ryan Collection tours: Flowers & Still Life

The second of the series focuses on themed room Flowers & Still Life, featuring the work of Sally Ryan, Edwin Landseer, Léon Riesener and Theodore Garman.

Film duration: 8 minutes 44 seconds


Garman Ryan Collection tours: Animals & Birds

The first of the series focuses on themed room Animals & Birds, featuring the work of Delacroix, Braque, beautiful Egyptian and Māori artefacts as well as visitor favourite, Jacob Epstein’s sculpture of his beloved Shetland sheep dog, Frisky.
Film duration: 6 minutes 9 seconds