Image credit: Gavin Turk, Bag 9, 2001

Copper Jubliee by Gavin Turk

Gavin Turk’s sculpture is characterised by an irreverent plundering of the history of art, popular culture and current affairs to create witty and provocative works that explore and challange notions of authenticity, orginality, identity and value.

Copper Jubliee is Gavin Turk’s first major British solo show since 1998. New works included Nomad, a beautifully crafted painted bronze scultpure of a shrouded figure hidden in the confines of a dirty sleeping bag and Oeuvre, a large fibreglass egg. The exhibition also featured works from Gavin’s back catalogue, selected by Gavin himself in association with Deborah Robinson, Acting Director, such as Unoriginal Signature, Gavin’s own signture nine metres long, made of steel. Audio guides allowed vistors the opportunity for a personal tour of the exhibition by Gavin himself.