Andrew Tift, Memorial Painting, 1998, (Diptych),
Courtesy of the artist.
Collection Exhibitions


HOME presents a selection of contemporary works exploring themes around home and homeland. The works span the last 60 years and are sourced from the Gallery’s Permanent Collection.


The art works touch upon a wide range of topics including; cultural identity and heritage, material possessions and personal collections, play, imagination and fairytales.


In HOME, memories of the past and hopes for the future, both real and imagined, come together across a variety of perspectives to encourage consideration and discussion of just what ‘home’ means to you.


Activity Sheets accompany the exhibition together with a drawing area, display wall and a pop-up library as part of the show.


Artist’s featured include Patty Carroll, Melanie Carvalho, Adam Dant, Richard Forster, Mahtab Hussain, Geoffrey Ireland, Ming de Nasty, Shanti Panchal, Paula Rego, Yinka Shonibare*, Andrew Tift, Rachel Whiteread, Mo Wilson, Harry Wingfield.


The second phase of the exhibition will include Melanie Carvalho’s Rhdroponicum and objects from Andrew Tift’s, Memorial Painting.