Image credit: Shiva Nataraja, Southern India (Tami Nadu) Vijayanagara period, 16th century, (bronze, h 78cm x 68.6cm)

Human and Divine
2000 years of Indian Sculpture

This exhibiton brought together a range of around 70 sculptures spanning almost two thousand years. Much of the work was sacred in purpose, embodying religious beliefs and philosophical ideals, but it was also deeply sensual, celebrating the human body in all its astonishing variety. The exhibition included work in stone, bronze, terracotta, marble, ivory and wood and included references to the gods and goddesses of Hinduism as well as the saviours and saints of Buddhism and Jainism.


The exhibition was curated by artist and writer Balraj Khanna and archaeologist and writer George Michell for National Touring Exhibitions, the Hayward Gallery, London.

A fully illustrated catalogue accompanied the exhibition.