INSIGHTS is a new series of films created during lockdown, which aim to provide access to artists for an insight into their particular skills and techniques.


The first in the series is from Hannah Maybank. ‘Pigments in Watercolour’ is a three part series, which we’ll be sharing through social media over the coming weeks and collating here on the website. In her films Hannah describes how she makes and uses her handmade watercolours, discussing the materials and tools required and the techniques she employs. Hannah was born and grew up in Walsall and now lives and works in London. Her first solo show in a public gallery was at The New Art Gallery Walsall in 2005 and her work ‘Hosts II’, 2004, is part of our permanent collection. Hannah’s work explores the subject of decay and renewal in the natural world.



Hannah Maybank ‘Pigments in watercolour’

Part 1 of 3

Duration 10 minutes














Hannah Maybank ‘Pigments in Watercolour’

Part 2 of 3

Duration 7 minutes 30 seconds














Hannah Maybank ‘Pigments in Watercolour’

Part 3 of 3

Duration 7 minutes and 30 seconds