INSIGHTS is a new series of films created during lockdown, which aim to provide access to artists for an insight into their particular skills and techniques.

Nilupa Yasmin:  ‘On Weaving’

Film duration: 7 minutes 47 seconds


In the next of our INSIGHTS series, artist Nilupa Yasmin explains why she started incorporating weaving into her lens-based practice and shares her weaving techniques.


Yasmin takes a keen interest in the notion of culture, self-identity and anthropology. Combined with her love for handcraft and photographic explorations, she repeatedly draws upon her South Asian culture and heritage within her work.

Oliver Jones: ‘On Pastel’.

Duration: 36 minutes 24 seconds


Working from his home studio, artist Oliver Jones shares how he creates his large-scale photorealistic pastel drawings. Focusing on the detail of an eye, he talks about his process of building layers, pushing and pulling the pastels around the surface and live mixing in order to work both reactively and fluidly.


Oliver Jones is an artist based in Shropshire. He is known for his drawings, which consider how the media advertises, manipulates and exploits imagery of flesh. In 2016 he was commissioned by the The New Art Gallery Walsall to create new work. ‘Divine’, a large multi-panel work, emblematic of a religious altarpiece, which took the studio of the tattoo artist as its subject.

Sarah Taylor Silverwood: ‘Making Hand Books’

Duration 4 minutes


During lockdown Birmingham-based artist Sarah Taylor Silverwood reflected on the process of making Hand Books, an ongoing series of small artist books and animations. In her film she demonstrates the process of creating a folded book, using black ink on watercolour paper and the subsequent animation of these drawings. Sarah was in residence in our Artists’ Studio in 2014 and her solo exhibition ‘Daphne’ took place between 19 January – 12 May 2019. Artworks by the artist, ‘The Garman Ryan Shroud’, and, ‘Kathleen and Sally series’ form part of the Gallery’s permanent collection.



Hannah Maybank: ‘Pigments in watercolour’

Part 1 of 3

Duration 10 minutes


Hannah Maybank, ‘Pigments in Watercolour’ is a three part series. In her films Hannah describes how she makes and uses her handmade watercolours, discussing the materials and tools required and the techniques she employs. Hannah was born and grew up in Walsall and now lives and works in London. Her first solo show in a public gallery was at The New Art Gallery Walsall in 2005 and her work ‘Hosts II’, 2004, is part of our permanent collection. Hannah’s work explores the subject of decay and renewal in the natural world.


Hannah Maybank ‘Pigments in Watercolour’

Part 2 of 3

Duration 7 minutes 30 seconds


Hannah Maybank ‘Pigments in Watercolour’

Part 3 of 3

Duration 7 minutes and 30 seconds