Jane & Louise Wilson

Jane and Louise have frequently explored relationships with architectural space and particularly those spaces which resonate with associations of power and control.  This exhibition, originally shown at Haunch of Venison in Zurich, consists of eight large-scale photographs and a multi-screen installation. 

Black and white photographs show decayed, abandoned coastal bunkers.  Though monolithic and compelling, these now useless edifices have become merely repositories for graffiti and litter, perhaps a place for shelter for local tramps.  They occupy a place between land and sea.  Though they carry the scars of battle, they now seem to defy any sense of time and place.

In the multi-screen installation, an exploration of the bunkers is inter-cut with footage of a rare deep sea squid, the Vampire Squid, which possesses the largest eye proportional to its body of any known creature.  The eye of the squid seems to embody both the eye of the spectator and also of the camera as it moves constantly and fluidly through the sea or over the surfaces of the bunkers.


Jane and Louise Wilson
Biville, 2006
Courtesy of the artists, Lisson Gallery, London and 303 Gallery, New York