New Contemporaries

New Contemporaries is an annual exhibition selected from an open submission for current students of Fine Arts from art schools across the country. It provides an opportunity to view an emerging generation of new artists, each now embarking on the start of their career.


A distinguished panel, consisting of artists Michael Landy, Nigel Cooke, and U.S. based curator Linda Norton were this year’s selectors.



Contributing artists:

Steve Bishop, Sarah Bowker-Jones, Lucy Coggle, Rhys Coren, Charlie Crane, Mary Ferguson, David Fletcher, Katarina Forss, Alistair Frost, Dido Hallett, Gabriel Hartley, Alexander Heim, Laurie Hill, Margot Hill, Adam Holmes-Davies, Luke Jackson, Jackson Webb, Hannah James, Heike Kabisch, Maria-Brigita Karantzi, Camilla Kesterton, Penny Klepuszewska, Ian Larson, Francisco Lobo, Fiona Mackay, Amy Grace McDonough, Janine McLellan, Andrew Mealor, Jason Nelson, Jack Newling, Gemma Pardo, Dan Pasteiner, James Ryan, Charlie Tweed, Tom Walker, Gesche Wuerfel,Yohei Yashi


Selectors: Nigel Cooke, Michael Landy and Linda Norden

© Francisco Lobo