Image Credits: Tracey X Tracey, Tracey Emin

Out of the Box and Around the Corner
Interventions in the Garman Ryan Collection

The New Art Gallery Walsall collects many diverse art works both historic and contemporary. Fitting seamlessly in the Garman Ryan Collection, the contemporary works enliven the thematic display whick Kathleen Epstein decided upon when she gave the amazing gift of the collection to Walsall in 1972.


Their presence enables us to view the contemporary works in the light of the other similary themed historic artworks, making connections between old and new art.


Including works by: Tim Braden, Melanie Carvalho, Helen Chadwick, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Martin Creed, Nathan Coley, Tracey Emin, Ron Mueck, Ana Maria Pacheco, Shanti Panchal, Gurminder Sikand, David Thorpe, Gavin Turk and Richard Wentworth.