Planet Brill, This Lovely Land, 2023. Oil pastel and acrylic on paper
Artists' Studio

Planet Brill

Floor 1, Artists’ Studio

Planet Brill uses screen printing, painting, drawing and typography as a vehicle to communicate messages about mental health, youth culture, the environment and climate change. Their work is driven by a desire to encourage positive actions and change in these areas.

Planet Brill’s residency will explore seasonal eating and food waste through discursive online work and the creation of a mural on the Studio walls.

This Studio project continues a long-term programme of residencies involving West Midlands-based artists whose practices explore environmental themes in a variety of ways, through individual studio work, eco-activism, and socially engaged art practice.

Sunday Art Club: Seasonal Foods Mural

14 April 2024, 12 – 3pm. Free, drop-in

Ages 4+

Free, drop-in

To coincide with their mural in the Artists’ Studio, resident artist Cara, from Planet Brill, will draw and paint on the walls with local families to create a collaborative mural on the theme of seasonal foods.