The House of Fairy Tales presents Exquisite Trove

A treasure trove of mysterious objects hidden on shelves, in cases, glass vessels, suitcases and assorted containers excitingly revealing their stories and fairy tale narratives.

Fairy Tales have always been an expression of a whole spectrum of human experience and emotion; they are capricious and whimsical , mercurial and quixotic.  They are full of dark and light and laden with symbolism and hope and transformative enchantment. Many different artists have unearthed treasures to bring to Walsall and show here, creating layers of narratives and stories which make links to the art works in ‘The House of Fairy Tales’ portfolio which are themselves hidden and buried within the rest of The Garman Ryan Collection.

Interactive Treasure Trails designed by the artists make these exhibitions a fun, rich and lively mixture which will be enjoyed by adults and children alike revealing the exciting scope of ideas and approaches within contemporary art today.