The Persistence of Collage

Collage is perhaps the default medium of the 21st century: it is common place now to sample, appropriate and mix material from across a vast range of media.  New technology has made it easy to assemble and customise images, sound and text, and for instant publishing via the internet. 


Transmitter/Receiver traces some of the uses of collage in British art from the first influences of the Parisian avant-garde in the work of Ben Nicholson, Eileen Agar and Roland Penrose through to the varied ways in which it is employed by contemporary artists such as Idris Khan and David Noonan. 


Artists include: Eileen Agar, David Batchelor, Ian Breakwell, Patrick Caulfield, Marc Camille Chaimowicz, Steven Claydon, Michael Craig-Martin, Kate Davis, The Hackney Flashers, Richard Hamilton, Margaret Harrison, Susan Hiller, Idris Khan, Laurence Kavanagh, Peter Kennard, Linder, Camilla Low, David Mach, Ben Nicholson, David Noonan, Chris Ofili, Eduardo Paolozzi, Roland Penrose, Grayson Perry, Jo Spence, John Stezaker, Stephen Sutcliffe, Tony Swain, Mark Titchner, Armando Andrade Tudela and Martin Westwood.


An Arts Council Collection exhibition from Southbank Centre, London.


Image credit: John Stezaker, Pair V, Collage © the artist. Courtesy the Arts Council Collection